All add-ons add an additional 15 minutes to your session focusing on the area needing attention.

We are upfront with our pricing. Our add-on prices are set to cover the therapist’s time, product used as well as laundry. Please know we also try to make it affordable for our clients as well.

Happy Feet & Calf Treatment $25

Are you on your feet all day, have plantar fasciitis, or just enjoy extra footcare? This is a perfect add-on for you! 15 minutes of focused massage on the calf area and feet using hot towels before and after the massage. Revitalizing foot and leg lotion is used to revitalize your feet and calves.

Cupping $25

Cupping is a helpful way to help loosen stubborn areas of muscle tissue and fascia. We use a more modern gentle approach rather than the traditional glass cupping in Chinese Medicine. Soft silicone cups are applied to problem areas to help release tension and trigger points. Cupping uses negative pressure (lifts up the tissue instead of pressing into the tissue) which helps bring blood flow to the area. DO NOT choose this option if your skin easily bruises or you are on blood thinners. Cupping is more for those whose overall health is good and skin is not sensitive or thin from the aging process.

Hot Stone $25

Hot stones have been used over the centuries for healing by using heat combined with pressure to release tension and increase circulation. Certain stones called basalt stones (which is lava rock reformed into a smooth stone) along with other types of stones have been proven to give energy and comfort. Your massage will incorporate hot stones throughout the massage to problem areas.  Please let your therapist know what area to concentrate on during your session.

Working Hands & Forearm Treatment $25

Do you work with small parts, type on a computer all day, or are you working hard at home taking care of children and cleaning? We can help with this treatment! 15 minutes of focused massage with hot towels are applied to the forearm and hands and an energizing mix with essential oils is used for massage to the area.

Add Fifteen Minutes $20

This only adds time to a 30 or 60 minute massage to create a 45 or 75 minute massage. This is an option without any special treatments involved. This is only adding time to your session to offer you more options in your busy schedule. For instance, some only have an hour for lunch, so they would like a 45 minute massage. (Hint: It is more cost effective, or you get more for your money, if you schedule a 60 minute massage, however we provide these options for convenience).

Prenatal Note: Most add-ons are not offered with prenatal massages as a precautionary measure to make sure baby and mom remain safe and comfortable throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, if you select prenatal massage when using online scheduling, you will not see add-on options on the scheduling page.