Lisa Holbrook, LMT, Owner

Thank you for visiting our website. I graduated from the National Institute of Massotherapy and have been licensed through the State Medical Board of Ohio as a massage therapist since January 2009. I first started my career as a self-employed therapist and then in 2010 to 2011 worked at Carol Martin Salon Spa here in Tallmadge. I then worked full-time for Summa Hospice from 2012 to 2021 where I helped patients with pain management, relaxation, edema (swelling), anxiety, and also helped increase comfort in their final days/hours. I loved working in hospice care and it was a rewarding position for me; but, it was time to pass the baton to someone else. I also worked with M3 Massotherapy in Tallmadge, Restorative Massage & Wellness Center in Cuyahoga Falls, and Vivify Wellness in Fairlawn before deciding to start my own business.

My goal is to help the community and surrounding areas to have a place where they can come specifically for pain relief and stress reduction without a high cost and to be a place of care. Our 1-hour rate is $80 and we are a non-tipping center. Many businesses have a 1-hour rate of $65 to $90 and accept/expect tipping. After providing a tip, an individual may pay close to $100 or more for a massage, which may not be affordable for those that need regular massage appointments for pain management or stress reduction. We are all feeling the physical, emotional and financial impact of COVID-19 and therefore, we should try to help each other.  Some individuals are taking daily medication for relief that could be provided through a few regular massage therapy appointments. Being a non-tipping center removes the pressure a client feels to afford a tip, puts massage therapy back in the medical realm, and allows the therapists not to feel their value is based on the amount of the tip. A customer can expect to pay the same rate every visit and that is predictable on any budget.

My passion is helping women, as most do not invest in self-care because they are busy in their careers or taking care of children and the home, but all are welcome to schedule. In 2016 I also received a Reiki practitioner certification and I continue to offer Reiki treatments. I am also recently certified as a prenatal and postpartum massage therapist and I enjoy helping women throughout this beautiful process.